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Armand & Kelly Jerome Organizers

2020 RRME

Ride Revisited


We are happy to announce that we may be able
to move forward this coming September to coincide with the
Richer MB Le Rendezvous Festival

This ride will be greatly diminished in length as Covid has made it impossible to complete the original ride, the restrictions and protocols would be overwhelming so the vision is to start in Hadashville MB as
originally planned and complete in Richer on the weekend of their festival

The ride will end there in its finally

In Order To Proceed The Following Must Happen

1. We Must Meet All Covid Protocols as Laid Out by

The Province of Manitoba

2. The Present Fire Ban for the RM of Reynolds must reach Stage 0

to allow for " Back Country Camping"

3. We Must obtain Official Permission to Stage the Ride In Hadashville Mb

4. We Must Obtain Official Permission to Camp at the Two Designated Areas

on the Trail to Richer


Proposed Dates

September 9th ~ 19th

September 9th Ride Staging/Registration in Hadashville Mb

September 10th~12th Hadashville Mb Possible Events

September 13th Ride Departs for 1st Campsite on the Whitemouth River

September 14th Camp Day

September 15th Depart for Richer ATV Staging Area

September 16th Camp Day

September 17th Depart for Richer Rodeo Grounds Noon~1pm Latest Arrival

September 18th~19th Richer Rodeo Grounds

September 20th Ride Completed

Ride Cancellation Date

August 31 2021

There Would be 2 Official Reasons this Ride Can be Cancelled

1. The Province Mandates another Covid Lock Down or Rescinds Permission

Due to Covid

2. The Fire Ban in the RM of Reynolds Does Not Lift at Which Time

We Will Not be Able to Proceed

"Please Check Back for Updates....Lots to Plan"

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Dawson Trail
Final  Leg